w1da 33 Ocean One Design

The w1Da 33 Ocean One Design is 9.8m (33ft) long, less than 2.9m (9ft 6 inches wide) and weighs less than 3500kg on its purpose built corrosion free alloy and composite trailer.
The w1Da boat has been designed and optimised to be the largest yatcht that can safely be towed by a car. It can be rigged, launched and recovered easily by its owners, independently of third parties.

For more of its unique features see w1da.com

Principle Particulars:

Length Overall (hull length) 9.5m
Length overall inc. bowsprit 9.88m
Length Waterline 9.48m
Beam Overall 2.89m
Draft Keel up 0.4m
Draft Keel down 1.925m
Displacement approx. 3000kg
Ballast 1200kg

Mainsail 33.4m2
Genoa 21.7m2
Spinnaker 63m2
Code 0 (option, approx) 55m2
I 11.29m
J 3.32m
P 11.13m
E 4.56m

Boat Design RCD Category A (provisional)