The GT6 is a performance sportboat designed for the thrills of one design sportsboat racing without having to pay a sportsboat price. Commissioned by a local sailor as a home build project and pre-cut from plywood sheets she is designed for a rounded performance; for light airs and high-pointing as well as the usual reaching and planing you expect from a modern sportboat and dealing with the Solent chop.

We have had a great deal of interest in this little boat for those seeking to build at home or to buy a completed version. To register your interest please send your details to info@guywhitehouse.com or follow the blog at http://thegt6.blogspot.com

Provisional Particulars:

LOA: 6.0m

LWL: 6.0m

BWL: 1.47m

Draft @ DWL: 1.6m

BMax: 2.4m

Displacement @ DWL 650Kg


Main Area: 16.0 sq.m

G1 Area: 9.7 sq.m

SPI Area: 37.7 sq.m