Stimson -36′ Match Racer

ME Boat Owner April 2009 “…one of the hottest designs to be found on any racecourse this year…”

Open day-boat that can race on IRC, but predominantly designed for one-design match racing. Designed for a crew of five, the EGW36 is built as a boat that is not complicated to understand, allowing inexperienced sailors to learn quickly and the professional to concentrate on tactics, positioning, boat speed and the racing game-plan.

Principle Particulars:

LOA: 11.00m

LWL: 8.79m

BWL: 1.76m

Draft @ DWL: 2.13m

BMax: 2.26m

Displacement @ DWL 2500Kg



Main Area: 33.6 sq.m

G1 Area: 22.2 sq.m

G3 Area: 20.1 sq.m

SPI Area: 77.7 sq.m